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Chase Routing Number For Georgia

Most workers prefers been paid their wages through direct deposit, a situation where your will pay
directly into your bank account either on a weekly or a monthly basis. The employee will be given a form
to fill out their bank details and their routing number as well.
If you opened your account in Georgia and you bank with chase bank you will be required to provide a
chase routing number for Georgia.

This write up basically will help you know the appropriate chase bank
routing number to be used in Georgia.

What is the correct chase routing number for Georgia?

The correct chase bank routing number for Georgia is 061092387. The chase routing number is a
number issued by the Federal Reserve Bank in other to identify all payment made to chase bank
branches located in Georgia.

But if you have the intention of making an international wire payment a different wire routing number
will be required and the chase wire in Georgia is 021000021. Remember it can be used for sending and
receiving wire payment both in the USA and from any country of the world.

Where can I find my chase routing number for Georgia?

Finding your routing number is quite simple, basically there are three (3) ways one can find his or her
routine number without having much headache. (1) On your check (2) your deposit slip (3) online when
you log into your internet banking account.

On your Check: For customers with checking account take your check book at the down part of the
check you will find 3 sets of numbers, the first set of numbers are usually 9 digits long. Those 9 digits are
your chase routing number. The second set of number is your account number while the third number is
your check number. In other to have a successful direct deposit your account number are important.

On deposit slip: While depositing money into your savings or checking account on the deposit slip you
will find a 9 digit long number stop searching that is your chase routing number.
Internet banking: All you need to do here is firstly log into your internet bank account after login in
scroll to resource then click routing number look up. Immediately the routing number of different states
will appear all you need to do next is choose the routing number for the state you need. For example if
you opened your account in Georgia you will scroll to Georgia and take up the 9 digit number provided
for you there.

My husband and I use the same chase branch, does that mean we have the same Georgia chase bank routing number?

Well the answer to this question is yes. So long as you opened your account in the same state your
routing number will be the same. I’ll like you to think of a routing number as a warehouse address for all
chase bank accounts in Georgia while your account number your house address, firstly the money will
be sent to the warehouse then the money will be further processed to your own account.

Is there a different chase Atlanta routing number?

The chase bank Atlanta routing number is 061092387 same as; Alpharetta, Stockbridge, Marietta, Stone
mountain, Snellville, union city, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Douglasville so long as it’s in Georgia.